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I paid nearly $3,000 for the Grisham recliner in August 2015. After sitting in the recliner for several weeks (not very often), I found that the filling in the back cushion compressed so much that there was absolutely no lower back support when reclining even half way.

Insert in back cushion is made of filler that you find in inexpensive pillows. The insert had a hole in it; and Stickley replaced the insert. Same thing happened. The filling compressed and I couldn't sit in the recliner.

I could use it as a chair; but not as a recliner. Stickley finally took the recliner back on February 13, 2016 and was supposed to do something about the insert in the back cushion and to look at the leather because the grain on the back cushion is not the same on the rest of the recliner. I offered to pay extra if Stickley would do something to stop the compression of the filling in the insert. Hancock Moore offers upgrades on inserts for the back cushions in their recliners.

I was offering to pay extra for Stickley to do something similar. The recliner was returned to me on March 12, 2016; and I was told by retailer that Stickley had made a new insert just for me. Retailer didn't know anything about the leather grain issue. The label on the "new insert just for me" is dated December 12, 2015.

The insert is the same filler as previous inserts; the only difference is that it is overstuffed. Based on the date of the insert, it was not made for me or to address my concerns. I provided this information to the retailer and to Stickley and asked for documentation that my recliner had been returned to Stickley and that would show what was actually done by Stickley. Retailer doesn't have any information on what Stickley did with my recliner.

Stickley claims they can't send me the documentation that shows what they did with my recliner while they had it. I have asked them to provide the information to the retailer and to send a Stickley Sales Representative to my home. I now have a back cushion that is overstuffed and does not look good. The retailer told me to take the cushion off and push it down into the seat cushion to provide the lower back support I need.

This means that I would have to remove and adjust the cushion every time I use the recliner because it looks terrible with the cushion pushed down. Also, the back cushion is now so overstuffed that the chair is no longer attractive. I don't even want this piece of furniture in my home. Do not trust Stickley to back their product.

I went to a competitor to see about replacing this recliner before Stickley took the recliner back. The competitor told me that they would love to sell me a recliner but I should contact Stickley and let them know about my issues because Stickley would stand behind their product.

Apparently, Stickley used to have a good reputation for customer service.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of stickley grisham recliner. Stickley needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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